Consulting Services

The Leifer Group provides a comprehensive array of consulting services designed to meet the diverse needs of cancer programs. Led by John Leifer, the team has worked with community-based health systems, NCI-designated centers, and rural providers.
Our style is straightforward, direct, and designed to catalyze positive change that results in programmatic growth, improved patient and provider satisfaction, as well as strengthened financial performance.

Engagements may involve:

  • Programmatic assessments
  • Strategic planning and program development
  • Methods for enhancing patient and physician satisfaction
  • Strategic marketing

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Presentations and Workshops

The Leifer Group also offers limited engagements in the form of presentations and workshops that vary in length from an hour to one or two days.
A variety of topics can be covered, including:

  • How to meet accreditation requirements related to navigation, survivorship services, and services to assess and address patients' emotional distress. 
  • How to become (or sustain your position as) the leading cancer program in the community: The 10 most important factors that define excellence in cancer care.
  • How to exceed patient expectations: Key factors that make a critical difference in patients’ satisfaction.
  • What oncologists need to know to maximize patient satisfaction with their care.
  • How to facilitate regional growth for your cancer program.
  • The critical role of palliative medicine and hospice care.
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